Watch an interactive presentation by NLAM tracing origins of Yog[a] from ancient time to modern era with an analytical view of its transitions through the timeline.

Dr Sumit Kesarkar (BAMS, Ph.D) Founder and Curator of NLAM, National Library of Ayurved(a) Medicine has painstakingly documented and understood these practices and applied it in his clinical practice of Ayurved for past 13 years on various disorders ranging from common cold to cancers. He also applied higher practices of Bandh[a] and Kriyā’s  in many select people to observe the effects on bodily functions and mind. He has parallel studied relevant literature with discussions with experts and have put forth some of it through NLAM videos Dr. Kesarkar travels to Himalayas often to collect and conserve highland himalayan herbs as part of his work and  to document traditional Ayurveda practices prevalent in harsh conditions and how the Yogi’s survive them. He sis one of the very few Ayurveda physicians in India who uses single herb therapy which is adjuvant to the Yogic diet and practices , a core component of MarmaYog[a].This travel has led to many interaction with highland yogis with whom he has learnt and documented these practices  With his own strong base  of Ayurveda and research in concepts of Marma he was able to document this practices in a way they could be applied yet be one with the traditional ways they were taught with no corruption or modification. After understanding the nuances and working of these practice some of which were very elite,

Dr. Kesarkar on request of his students through NLAM is bringing forth the entire knowledge in way it could be taught. MarmaYogà education requires strong study base of Ayurveda and Hath Yoga concepts which include Bandh[a], Mudrā and certain elite Kriyā’s and must be learnt in an one to one basis under guidance of a accomplished Teacher. MarmaYoga requires complete new documentation and structure to be taught. Dr Kesarkar has trained select students the foundations of MarmaYoga who can be contacted for further information regarding its teachings. 


The knowledge of Marma is very relevant for traditional Hath yogi's who channelize this to understand the flow of breath and their body, gain voluntary control over its body actions and eventually go in to higher states of consciousness. They realized that Marma apart from their physical attributes also effect the mental flow causing obstruction in raising awareness. They understood the body in a physiological as well as spiritual terms and based their practices on observation and sound understanding of these concepts of Yog[a], Ayurved[a] and Tantr[a]. These practices are based on knowledge base which have been passed through traditions and hence does not belong to one particular treatise but are an amalgamation of the core yogic and spiritual knowledge which stems from Veda, Āgama and similar lineages. 


Dr Sumit Kesarkar, NLAM & Marmayog

Undocumented Practices of Hatha Yogi’s

Origin & History of Yog[a]


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